A Quick Way for Softening Butter

To cream butter, you are going to need soft butter that is just a little bit colder than room temperature (see ‘creaming butter’). It is easiest to put the butter on the counter and soften it ahead of time, but sometimes I just don’t plan that far ahead. Here’s a quicker method.

Cover your work surface with piece of wax paper about 10×10”. You don’t have to go by this exact measurement. This is just to give you an idea of how large a piece you’ll need.

Set another piece of wax paper about the same size aside.

Place the butter that you need to soften on the first piece of wax paper. It is best to cut the butter in half the long way, so as to make it easier to press.

Place the second piece of wax paper over the butter.

Push down on butter with the palm of your hand. Continue to press it until his is only about ¼ inch thick. Remove the wax paper from the top of the butter and cut the butter into little chunks with a knife.

Using a rubber spatula, peel the butter off of the wax paper and into your bowl.

Step by-step photographs:


Softening Butter
Butter under waxed paper, sliced the long way
Softening Butter
Press the butter down.
Softening Butter
Continue pressing the butter down.
Softening Butter
Remove the wax paper and cut the butter before using a rubber spatula to transfer it into the bowl.


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