Strawberry Crisp

strawberry crisp-11

My Mom recently bought a whole bunch of strawberries for a really good price. We enjoyed them very much, but even a family as big as ours failed to eat that many strawberries in just a few days. My sisters and I polished off the last few (anything that wasn’t completely rotten we managed to […]

Chocolate Birthday Cake Frosting & Decorating

chocolate cake-12

For my little sister’s 11th birthday this week, I made a two layer chocolate cake with my new favorite icing (BUTTERCREAM)! The results were delicious and now my entire family is on sugar withdrawal. Earlier today, hoping to tempt my little sisters to go to town with us, I told them that we would buy […]

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

peanut butter bars

I’m not a big date lover. For some reason dates remind me of dried figs and dried figs remind me of what my Dad used to tell us: Figs are filled with small, disgusting worms that crawl around inside your throat after you’ve eaten them. I apologize for telling you that. You’ll probably never eat […]

Paleo Carrot Cake

paleo carrot cake-4

Lately I’ve been experimenting a little more in the world of paleo. It’s a strange world, full of aliens like coconut flour and chia seeds (still not real sure about the chia seeds but everyone else loves them so that’s terrific for them). I’m not even going to say that half (or a third) of […]

Chocolate Smoothie


You didn’t think I’d dare to go and post a recipe for cold chocolate smoothie when it’s still freezing at night out here. But I dared. Mostly just to be mean. Hopefully you’ll make this smoothie, and, realizing how good it is, you’ll drink it all before you realize how cold it is. And then […]

A Week of Eating Gluten Free


So recently I’ve had a bunch of people asking me what we eat for meals. I didn’t really think about it before, since usually breads and pancakes and desserts are what people miss, but really it is hard to make good, healthy gluten-free main dishes. Cooking used to be so much easier, right? On nights […]

Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza-10

I’m really excited to give you this new recipe. I’d thought that I had exhausted the breakfast possibilities, but really breakfast can be much more interesting than just eggs and pancakes. You can have pizza for breakfast. Honestly, what could be better? I was delighted with the flavor of this pizza. I’m usually not big […]

Stuffed Apples

stuffed apples-6

It’s a blizzard outside. That may have been a slight exaggeration. But it’s cold and windy and there’s snow blowing everywhere. Our big white Great Pyrenees may be impervious, but the rest of us would rather stay inside, thank you. On a day like this, you need something warm stuffed with cinnamon and little juicy […]

Paleo & Nut Free Vanilla Cupcakes

This was frosting attempt number two. I know it looks good, but it just didn't taste amazing.

I made these with very low expectations. Shocking, right? I expected it to fail before I even tried. But pretty much everything paleo that I’ve made (except for the few paleo recipes on this blog) has not turned out very well. There just isn’t much to work with. If you asked me what is in […]

Chewy Granola Bars

granola bars-23

I’ve made so many batches of granola bars that I’m surprised anybody dared to eat these at all. It isn’t that the former batches were bad. They just…weren’t…good. They had all the granola bar flavor, but none of the “stick-together-ness.” Actually, never mind. I was intending to make breakfast granola every single one of those […]